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Replacing Bash (possible skill ideas)

Bash has a very barbarian feel to it. You could always just rename Bash to Slam and call it a day, but I had some other more flavorful ideas.

Whirlwind or something to that effect. Basically an ability that would let you tag all the mobs in a room with damage. It would do at least 50% reduced damage maybe more like 75%, but it could trigger multihits so you could have a chance to proc special hits like lethals. Downside would be shredding the Hell out of your weapon. But it would be intended to be aggro generating ability for room tanking. Basically let you tag multiple mobs at once and put damage on everything so it turns to you. You wouldnt want to make it something too strong that people would spam it over attacking but I wouldnt put a huge cooldown on it. Maybe 20 sec. I don’t know what logistical problems something like that might cause on the coding end tho lol.

Sundering strike. A devastating blow struck with precision to slice thru enemy defences, lowering its armor by 25% and doing a fat chunk of damage and drawing aggro. Could maybe only be used on enemies before you gained aggro, kind of like old bash. Would be good group utility too.

Stances could be interesting, but if your replacing bash may want something more active. But being able to switch to battle stance to increase damage while in small parties or go defensive in big parties could be cool. Maybe a 5-10% bonus for battle that also increases accuracy by 3% or something and a 5-10% mitigation for defensive and ups your shield block value…
If you end up doing the two hander/dual wield idea, battle stance plus that could make a fighter bring some ok damage to a party if he needed to play more of a dps role.

Or going off the twohand idea again you could have three individual abilities based on what you were doing. You could maybe Shield Slam if your using a shield and it does damage based on block value and nice stun, Cleave with a two hander, just a big attack on a seperate cooldown from your attack timer that you can use periodically, and Quickstrike, kinda the same thing but for dual wield.

So I put a lil more thought into this and I was thinking it could be interesting to just add a variable Strike ability that had several modes, but they all shared a cooldown and each would deal a very high amount of threat so they would essentially be a taunt. It would be similiar to like Mortal Strike from warriors on WoW, it would have a seperate cooldown from your attack timer that was longer than a regular timer.

So maybe the base timer for strike is 40 seconds and each strike variable shares that and does 25% extra damage above your base damage.

These could be some of the variables:

Rend Strike, aims for an artery which would add a bleed effect. Doesnt work on undead or elementals.

Sundering Strike, ignores the armor of your target to hit a precise blow for true damage.

Lunge Strike, moves you one tile to the target as you attack. Useful for taunting off someone on an adjacent tile.

Quick Strike, sets your cooldown at 24 seconds instead of 40.

Concussive Strike, does a minor stun similiar to bash along with the hit.

Anyways just trying to think of ways to make combat more interesting and give the fighter more of a weaponsmaster feel to them, having to pick the best strike for the situation. Maybe different strikes could be learned at different tiers. Anyways i thought it could help fighters reach a better endgame damage as well, specially if your strikes can proc your multis.