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Quality of life improvements

Being that I played the fighter class very extensively I am going to go over a few things that could use some tweaking, assuming of course that there is a way to get the combat setup similiar to the old nexus.

The defining characteristic of the fighter class was multistrikes once your weaponskill got to expert or higher. It was very cool, but to be honest is was a little lackluster for a few reasons.

  1. The biggest issue I had was that you could not get a double damage on a multistrike. You had to roll a single hit to have a chance for a double damage. This fact made berserkers a much higher damage endgame class since they could double damage while berserked and it modified their crit damage. I am actually not sure if lethal blows could trigger off multistrike hits as it didnt actually show your damage. I feel like i got less lethal blows as my weaponskill went up tho, but that could have just been bad luck. I know that criticals DID roll on multis…which leads to my second thing

  2. Weapon durability. Your multistrikes took additional hits off your weapon without truly adding that much damage. Multistrike criticals i believe rolled off base damage and added a small modifier for the multistrike. For example a normal crit of 1000 when i single hit for 100 would translate to a double for 150 giving me a 1050 critical rather than a 1500 critical. While it also counted both hits as critical in terms of durability loss on your weapon. I wouldn’t have minded the durability hit as much if the damage was there.

  3. Grandmaster was almost pointless. The multistrikes added damage as follows. Double was approx 50%, triple 75% Quad was around 100% and a quint was maybe 110%. I almost didnt want to quint for the small damage increase that was goin to take an extra shot of durability.

I think the easiest solution if you wanted to resolve these issues would simply be to have the attacks trigger seperately. As it was if you got a double the line looked like:

You attack twice for 150!

If you change that to:

You attack for 100!
You hit a second time for 50!

Same base damage but you then have a chance to trigger double damages. Would also make your critical strikes more relevant as you could potentially crit more often with soft crits off the lower end.

You double damage for 200!
You hit a second time for 50!
You hit a critical strike on your third hit for 250! (Scaled off of a 25 from your third hit.

The lethal % may have to be toned down a bit since you have more chances to proc it, but other than that i think it would help put fighters more in line with other endgame classes like barbarian, ranger, and wizard that easily outdamaged fighters.

Was a critical strike really 10x? Sheesh.

We’ll have to see how this works out with the new damage formulas and plenty of play testing.

I’m not sure that it was 10x but thats what it seemed like. My berserkers hitting for 250ish would usually crit over 2500 compared to my fighter im not surr if i got a crit over 2000 until i was able to wield like 22nd tier weapons and shiz

Oh and one really annoying thing was not being able to keep track of your weaponskill exp. You just had to keep a rough track yourself and guess. But you got skill exp based on how much damage you did to the mobs and how much exp they were worth.

Being able to check your progress would be awesome.

Also lethal blows would give full skill exp for a mob. So if it was worth 1 million exp and you lethal’d it you got 1 mill skill exp. Otherwise u got a % of skill exp based off the amount of damage u did to the mob

Reading over this thread again after years I think I was on the right track with the skill revamp. However one thing I am thinking about in regards to fighters was the extended ramp up time for fighters damage due to relying on weaponskill and the additional damage coming so very late. Most fighters did not hit expert until 14th tier and that is where the first bonus hit would come into play.

Honestly I think what you could do here is make each skill level add something to fighter damage once you get to experienced. If skill goes Unskilled Basic Skilled Experienced Refined Ace Adept Expert Specialist Master Grandmaster with Experienced being the weapon skill you would generally hit about level 10 it would make sense to allow for a power spike like most of the other classes get at 10.

What you can do is alternate adding bonus attacks and damage bonuses at the different skill levels, that would put you on track to add a 5th attack at Grandmaster. Potentially you could do something like:
Experienced - 20% damage boost
Refined- Bonus attack
Ace - 20% damage boost
Adept- 2nd Bonus attack
Expert - 20% damage boost
Specialist - 3rd Bonus attack
Master - 50% damage boost
Grand Master - 4th Bonus attack and can never miss (or maybe something else cool for Grandmaster)

Or something along those lines, and those numbers are just for example they are probably way too high, although I do think Master and/or Grandmaster should feel more rewarding than the other skill levels. It might actually be good to incorporate a damage bonus for all characters based on their weapons, fighters would just scale the best with the bonus attacks and potentially the other classes may not want to get quite as much of a damage boost off the skill.

Anyways the main point here is that before, fighters took forever to scale up their damage, where as almost every other class got some unique ability at 10, like berserk or backstab fighters had a large gap in efficiency where they were just meat shields. If the skill came in earlier and scaled more gradually rather than spiking at 14 when you get that first bonus attack I think it would make playing a fighter a lot smoother transition.

The mage bonuses were tied to level, does it make sense to have a flat percentage of weapon damage for skill levels, and 10-2x 15-3x 20-4x attacks?

I think so, I mean generally you couldn’t attain a certain skill in a weapon until a certain, the skill exp required was equivalent to that level if you stuck with that weapon type the whole time (aka if you used sharp weapons the whole time you were on Falcion you generally got Experienced by 10 and continued sharp after you got Expert around 14th).

The numbers may need some tweaking but I think that would be the best way, and like I said we may want to have weaponskill just affect damage for all classes, fighters would just get the bonus attacks and perhaps a larger damage increase from them. If it effected damage before it was minimal, I believe it just affected hit chance, double damage and crit chance before. But it would be cool for say a Barbarian that got to Master in blunt to have a noticeably better base attack than a berserker who just hit 10 and is experienced.

I think you want a balance of fighters have the best auto attacks, but overall since they don’t have any other damage abilities they won’t have higher DPS than the damage classes once you factor in other abilities.

Also you need to make multiple attacks available to players. I fought a 14th level fighter on my 10th level barbarian and smoked him because his multiple attacks didn’t proc against players making fighter very ineffective against players. Not saying I want pvp but if the need arises and you can’t beat a player because your main thing that makes your class good doesn’t work?

The problem was scaling. Since mobs =/= players they have vastly more HP so things like 4x hits could smash a player in a single hit. This was the same reason that 4x spell power didn’t translate for mages. 2k damage would decimate anyone. Including the mage themselves when reflect was on a mob.

Yeah but that still doesn’t solve the problem that fighters are weak in pvp. I don’t know the solution but the simple fact is a 10th level barbarian beating a 14th tier fighter that was stated and large is a problem. at least mages have the hit and run tactic which works well. Same with the rangers and thieves backstab and run whats the solution for the fighters?

The game was never focused on PVP. So having an unbalance for PVP is kind of a moot point right? Not everyone is supposed to be on equal footing. It’s more like a rock paper scissors thing.

I mean frankly I think I’ll just have a PvP flag so folks can just opt out of PvP entirely.