Aalynor's Nexus

Contributing & You!

Do you want to contribute to Nexus? There are a handful of great ways to do so!

Can you code?
Code Base:
The primary code base is being re-written in go. I recommend: https://gobyexample.com/ for a primer.

At which point you can contribute at:

Nexus edit is a python/javascript layer for editing Nexus from the web. This is still a private repo. If you are interested in contributing message me directly.

World building?
Much of the Aalynor’s Nexus world needs to be restored. We have a really massive and great start with how we’ve crafted out the return to the world but we can definitely use more folks building. If you wish to contribute please message me directly, or join us on Discord.

We have a bookshelf of documentation that needs to be filled in and managed. I don’t have enough time on my own to fill in everything. Someone that’s got the spare time and wants to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Everyone is welcome to play test. Simply login to the server and give it a whirl. We’re fielding most requests and bug reports via Discord.

Class advocacy?
I’m looking to have each class represented by someone so we can prioritize bug fixes/feature requests and formula adjustments. We’ll need you on Discord for this. Message me directly if you would like more information.

Community Building?
It’s probably too early to start community building but folks who would like to be in charge of bringing in more players/outreach are welcome. You don’t really need me to do this, but you can message me directly if you need something/support for this.

Where is the server and the discord? I was looking around but didn’t see anything saying where. Maybe it’s staring me in the face and I’m just too oblivious to see it?