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Two handed weapons/dual wield/shields

So this is just kind of an obvious suggestion, most MMOs and whatnot have some variance of these two weapontypes. If you wanted to consider incorporating these into Nexus you would also have to make shields more relevant rather than just making them give a large chunk of armor i think it would be crucial to give them a block value perhaps just a static number blocked (either before or after damage reduction from armor, depending how strong you wanted to make the effect) ie if u wanted to do it before u might see higher values like 10-15 being a midrange shield, but if your applying it after 8 might be a high value shield. Or you could have shields just add another flat damage percent on top of armor. I think the block value would be cooler tho.

That said I think it wouldn’t be too hard to keep with the Sharp Thrust Blunt Pole Missile weapon scheme if u wanted but add in one handed or two handed varients. Ie sharp one handed = shortsword, two handed = claymore. You would not be able to use a shield but the tradeoff would be maybe a 25% damage increase perhaps? It could be applied to missile even, using a one handed crossbow compared to a two handed longbow etc. The 25% could be applied to the base damage for two handed and with dual wield it could hit on a seperate attack for 25% (can always tweak those numbers but just throwing a ballpark)

On a side note, Thrust was always a bit of an awkward weapontype imo because polearms could be considered thrust weapons (mainly anyways) and it kind of split swords into two categories. It might almost be better to replace thrust but im just not sure with what. If you changed Sharp and Thrust to sword and dagger it could work but then you would almost need to add axe as well.

Making shields more important for tanks could open up things like shield slam for paladin or something along those lines.

So if you wanted to implement two handers/dual wield, would you be able to code them so weapons had variety such as:

Lets say you have a Claymore.

Claymore (+5)
This is a sizeable generic sword.
One hand damage 80-100.
Two hand damage 100-125.
Dual Wield damage is 18-25.
This weapon has no imbues.
This weapon is two handable and dual wieldable.

(of course you would have to do more proper math to make sure those numbers were balanced I just roughly threw some in there)

So essentially this weapon would be versatile and you could use it as either. Now there may be weapons like, Gargantuan Sledge Hammer that are two hand only, or depending on the coding maybe weapons will have to be two hand or not two hand, but it would be cool if some of the weapons could be used as either.

Another thing is it might be cool to give some weapons abilities. I was talking to my cousin who hosts DnD sometimes and he was telling me about how some weapons like polearms and whips in that have a Reach ability, so you can hit something from one tile away instead of having to be right next to them, and that sounded pretty sweet to me.

But that could open up things like, maybe the serrated dagger could lacerate and have a bleed effect on the weapon, or maybe the overly pointy sword of doom had bonus chance to critical strike. Could make for some more interesting weapon variations.

I’m the aforementioned cousin that runs D&D. One way to handle this might be to give each weapon a weight classification. Light, Versatile, Heavy. Light weapons do no extra damage when wielded two-handed; Versatile weapons will have a moderate damage increase when wielded two-handed; and Heavy weapons MUST be wielded two-handed but they deal excellent damage. I think that this is probably a pretty clean way to code things as every weapon can have a weight attribute.

Then branching into things like two-weapon fighting, a weapon would need to be Light to be dual-wielded, or perhaps characters that meet a STR or Size requirement can dual-wield Versatile/Heavy weapons.