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Most of the titles on Nexus were very cool, but there were a few I didn’t care for. Mainly Myrmidon for fighters, while it fit, I think I would have prefered Gladiator if you wanted a title in that Greco Roman spirit. Or perhaps even Soldier since the fighters were essentially supposed to be the Nexus army.

For thieves I never liked their last title, Iconoclast. I thought Shadowmaster was the coolest title. Even Nightblade is pretty badass. Perhaps shifting both of those titles up, making Shadowmaster the 20 title and Nightblade the 15 title and find another title for level 10, maybe Cutpurse or something. Or leave Nightblade as 10 and have Assassin be 15.

Theres some other classes that could use some love in the title department i think as well, but another aspect I wanted to touch on was, does anyone remember all the guildless titles?

I am pretty sure Fighter was Maverick, and I think barbarian was Nomad and thief was vagabond? Does anyone remember any of the others?

I thought I remembered em all, but once I started writing it turned out not to be the case :slight_smile:

I’ll update and re-attach the table once more are confirmed.

Also I recall having “non class” titles and something in the Kyorlites line, but I don’t recall anything

Vagabond, Maverick, and Nomad were “Guildless” as in when you got kicked out of the guild. They could be any level. Those weren’t the level 1 titles.

I think several of the classes just had the class name as the level 1 title, I believe Fighter was Fighter and Barbarian was Barbarian, tho it might have been Brute. I played a few MUDs and its been a long time. I think these are most the titles:

Fighter- Fighter, Warrior, Myrmidon, Champion, Warlord
Barbarian- Barbarian, Savage, Berserker, Devastator, Annihilator/Ravager (for female)
Monk- Initiate, Disciple, Immaculate, Master, Philosopher
Ranger- Ranger?, Scout, Pathfinder, Trailblazer, Waymaker
Thief- Thief?, Pickpocket, Nightblade, Shadowmaster/mistress, Iconoclast
Priest- Cleric, Adept, Priest, High-Priest, Prophet
Paladin- Paladin?, Warder, Holy Warrior, Lord, Crusader
Wizard- Apprentice, Mage, Wizard, Arch-Wizard, Weavemaster/mistress
Bard- Jongluer? was one of the low titles? I know 10 was minstrel and 15 was Muse

I think most of those are right.

I always thought Holy Warrior could have been condensed to Templar as another title suggestion.

I think you are right on the “Jongluer” but I’m not sure if it was 1-4 or 5-9

Actually I forgot that they did the change to thieves, and moved Shadowmaster to 20th and added Shadow Warrior for the 15 title and got rid of Iconoclast.

I want to say Troubadour may have been one of the titles for bard? but it could have been off another MUD’s bard class.

I know one of the MUDs I played had vampires as a playable class, and the Ranger titles were way more badass than Nexus’s ranger titles. It was like Huntsman, Slayer, Vanquisher for some of the mid to higher range titles. Granted those wouldn’t fit as well in the Nexus setting.

20th Bard title was Loremaster.
Wasn’t tier 1-4 thief title ‘Rogue’?

Ya actually it may have been. I was thinking Burglar maybe but I think that was RoH. Good ol Uhohdebo the Kleptomaniac…lol

Uhohdebo was the Muggetha of Nexus lol

Bard 5-9 was Skald.

Paladin 1-5 was Cavalier

One thing that might be cool is to make kind of achievement titles, as well as your class tier title. Sort of how the Guildmaster/Emissary titles used to be.

For instance if you hit Grandmaster in a weaponskill, for instance Sharp might give you the title Blademaster and it would just follow up your class title.
So it might be:

Garender, the Warlord and Blademaster

and if your earned multiple titles for different achievements you could pick the title you want displayed (yes I stole this idea from WoW) and you could kind of toggle between the title you wanted.

But maybe if you killed an Ancient Dragon, you could earn a Dragonslayer title. Titles could be rewarded for bad ass quests, maybe you killed the Frost Giant King and earned Giant Killer or something.

My only thing is it was easy thinking of an achievement for Fighters to earn, but there would have to be cool titles you could earn on the other classes as well for different achievements.

Updated. Only confirmation remains for Barb and Ranger lvl 1-4.

I always wanted to have additional Titles in Nexus for the general public and not only Guildmasters and Emisares. Especialy for my mage… something related with Fire as he was kind of obsessed with it. I don’t think only WOW has titles toggled based on player’s choice, once you earn more than 1, so generaly that’s a good one. Although titles should be earned HARD, like god damn fcking hard to be realy meaningfull.

I think Barbarian was just Barbarian at low levels and Ranger was just Ranger, but not 100%.

Brute or Brawler or something would work for low lvl barbs tho. You could move Scout down to 1-4 and make Tracker the level 5-9 title or something like that.

But yea if you put special titles in they would have to be hard to get for sure, maybe some of them are for hard to achieve things, but perhaps some of them could be request rewards so they would be kinda like a one time deal.

As far as Guildless titles, I think Maverick for fighters and Vagabond for thief work fine, but I think Marauder might be a better berserker title, then you could use Nomad for say Ranger or Monk or something. Im not sure what all the guildless titles were, but could always make some up if no one remembers.

Paladins and Clerics would almost be a special case since their “guildless” would basically be like loss of faith or something. Perhaps Forsaken for paladins and Godless for clerics or something along those lines.

Ranger was just plain ole Ranger, as well as Barbarian being Barbarian.