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Time seems relatively simple but… it’s not.

Does anyone remember the months? The days?

Do you also remember the span of night to day? It’s something that could easily be changed. And is up for discussion. Do we want 30 minutes of were creatures? Or do we want 3 hours of were creatures?

I can’t really remember how fast game time passed, but I think 3 hours sounds better than 30 minutes. If you get a good weretiger group together you may want to chill there for awhile and not have to be like OK we got 20 mins boys! or you could do maybe 2 hours of day, 2 hours of night, to keep it on even numbers might make it easier, each hour of real time representing 6 hours game time.

From a room building perspective an ingame 1 hour granularity is probably sufficeint.

From real world time I’ve always been a fan of 4 ingame days to one real day. Making each in game day 6 hours real time, or 15min real time for each hour game time.

Nexus itself was slightly unique in that aging was a relevant aspect and to make that have an impact you would probably need to speed it up or we will have to wait 20 real years for an ancient player.

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I thought IRL was 1 hour ratio to 4 in game hours?