Stats and Size

On one hand I liked how Nexus used to have the size modifiers, it was more realistic that a half-giant should hit a sprite extremely hard just based on the difference in size, if the giant can hit it without missing. However, I felt like it also hurt the game because people ended up making Ogre everything because it was just the best race for a majority of the classes, even though it wasn’t supposed to be, sherely due to the fact that Ogres hit the hardest and took the least damage (essentially).

I think overall we should probably do away with the size modifiers. That way people can play whatever race they actually want to roleplay, and we don’t have an entire town square full of ogres.

That said, I think you can accomplish a similiar effect of having the races be capped in certain ways by:

  1. Make every stat matter. Before there were certain caps that gave bonuses and the rest of the stats in between were just filler to get there. If every stat gave a small incremental bonus I think that would be much better.

  2. Make the stat minimums and maximums for the races more extreme to limit the characters, rather than using size. This was already in play to some extent, but with the stat bonuses the way they were, alot of times there was only one small bonus between two extremely different races, but maybe set a minimum to the minimum so that every race could at least hit a certain point of usefulness in a stat.

Also, making strength limit the amount of things you could carry (while it DID makes sense of course) is a very biased way of doing things towards the casters, who are not usually going to have a lot of strength. IF you wanted to make strength allow you to carry more items, that would be cool, but perhaps at least add a minimum amount that everyone can carry regardless of strength ie everyone can carry at least 100 lbs or something along those lines, or everyone can carry 200 lbs, but when you strength goes above 20, you get an extra 10-20 lbs of carry space per strength or something. It also depends how heavy you want to make the items.

I think overall it would be better for roleplaying purposes and race diversity to do away with the size modifiers and just use statlines to curtain races towards certain classes, which leaving someone who wants to play a halfling warrior (for some odd reason) not in a position of being completely useless, just not as effective as a larger race, but still viable.

Shamans? The game needs shamans!

I’ll make sure I add a totem mechanic before I make any of the classes.

I agree that the way size way implemented in the old game made tanking very skewed towards big = best.

We could look at refining it slightly so that…
bigger - takes less damage (or has more health), easier to hit, easier to crit, slower to move
smaller - takes more damage (or has less health), harder to hit, harder to crit, faster to move

Then do the maths to figure out what the values need to be to make it even. …

Players Handbook, 2.3 Physical Attributes. Bottom of page

Should be a link to the old racial minimums and maximums. I think they could prally do with some number tweaking, especially like I was saying if u want to do away with the size modifiers and make things more stat based then you would need to make more disparity.

I’m all for the changes to race + classes to encourage different mix/matches… Unless their name is Minsc, then -30% dodge rate and +300% damage taken. Def.