Skill EXP

I was never a GM, so I couldn’t look at the numbers, I was wondering if anyone knew the actual numbers for skill exp. I know fighters got skill faster than other classes but Im not sure if they just got more skill exp from mobs OR if they just had lower exp totals to hit.

They could wield weapons a few tiers higher than them that helped put out some better damage for more skill. I know the GMs could check you skill, Adrian would give me updates every once in awhile, but I dont know what the actual numbers were. I could prob make some pretty close guesses since I skilled up a lot of fighters to Master lol. The grind from adept to expert i believe was around 4 million skill exp. That was the brutal one.

Adept to Expert was 3 mil skill exp I believe… Expert to Specialist was 4.5 mil skill exp… Specialist to Master was 6 mil. No idea on Grand-Master, but I think it was 14-16 million.

Also skill experience was a LOT different than normal experience. much slower. Much MUCH slower.

Also, those numbers are from 0 each time. Not from the preceding skill experience total. Just for fighters, maybe for all I dunno

You got skill exp based on damage dealt so if the mob was worth like 5000 exp you might have got something like 250-350 skill exp a hit or some such, so to get full exp you had to get a good chunk of damage on it. Lethals gave you automatic full skill exp and usually if u crit something you would get close to full.

Im not sure exactly how the formula worked but you def had to get damage on the mob. Hunting with weavemasters or high level rogues kinda sucked for fighters cuz you would get off like one attack and the mob was dead lol

And please make it so you don’t lose entire ranks of a skill on a death sometimes. It is along the lines of making a mage forget how to cast iceblade because he learned it right before he died. Stuff like that is very antifun.

I think the way it worked before you just straight up got set back to 0 skill, because you wouldn’t always lose the skill you were working on last, it would be random and it didn’t seem to be like, Oh you just deranked slightly, you just need like 300k to get back. it was like cool bro start over from 6 mil, go. it was always nice when you lost missile skill and you were like thank god not one of the others.

I think not losing any skill exp at all would be preferable, but if you want to do it maybe you could make it a little less random, and you only lost a certain portion not a full derank.

I don’t think skills or levels are going to be lost on death. We’ll see how the economics of the game start panning out. As much as I like the added difficulty, I don’t much care for that mechanic.