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Back in the day, spell research was blocked. And based on how it was explained to the general public it seemed to be driven from code limitations. The old game had certain slots available for spells and those were all used. With the game being re-written from hope this should no longer be the case.

My reasoning behind the spell research will add more diversity of spells to be used. Different spells (same school, same level) might not necessary result in different DMG out but, but rather be a nice way of doing same thing in different way.

On the other hand however, it opens the opportunity for a whole lot different approach to fight:

Fireball - existed, resulted in flat out X damage on impact.
Lavaball - deals less initial damage on impact but:

  • Leaves a DOT for additional damage over time (much like the poison spell does)
  • lowers target armor modifier as it damages the armor
    Frostbolt to deal less damage the Steamblast, but to add minor slow to enemy actions like +1 second (nonstackable) for certain period of time.

Various of shields:
Cast lightning shield on target which triggers additional damage to the attacker when strikes shielded target.

Those are just general/random suggestions and I’m willing to go into more depth should the idea be picked/accepted.

P.S might be better suited in Game Requests section

I think there was a few player created spells werent there? I thought reflect was one.

But ya it would def be cool to have research be a viable thing. Could be a quest made to finish up a spell after other criteria were met.

Spells could be petitioned to the GMs on an ooc basis and then an ic questline created if the spell is approved.