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While such were not part of the original Nexus, I think professions have much to offer in a game without hindering the original Nexus atmosphere. (plus it doesn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile: ).

I always found it odd how you beat the crap out of a mob, strip it’s armor, weapon ect (if survives – hence dropped) and its brand new. And is one of things enjoy quite a bit in any MMO game I’ve played in the past.

Killing a Dragon would have a chance to drop scales (or will have to be “skinned”?) instead of full armor, which then to be used for creating the already mentioned armor with quality based on the crafter skill. Which could be further enhanced by “Enchanter”.

Now I’m not sure if “mining” per say would be feasible, but should be able to hunt in a mine zone for raw ore and/or other materials to be used for weapon smith, blacksmith and such. Which will open opportunity for mat’s hunt groups, people can post request’s for mat’s – much like before it was done for devices. And it henances the role play options, character buildup, history ect.

Random notes on crafting:
Dwarfs - having natural affinity towards weapon smith, blacksmith
Elf’s - having natural affinity leatherwork
Sprites - umm find gems? :sunglasses:

Not a bad idea, I would love to pickup blacksmithing to hopefully save on some repair costs or craft some nice armor. Mages could already enchant and it was class based, but I dont see why it couldnt be made available as a profession instead.

I think theres a lot of baser things to figure out beforr getting into the “fluff” if u will. Def a solid idea tho

Mage enchant was single spell, which was doing fair little as far as enchanting goes. “Enchanting” as profession, although it should require some high int/wis (so probably will be for mages anyway) would open the world for more than just basic enchanting effect.


  • X resist (fire, cold, poison ect)
    Item Glow - to work like light so you don’t need torch for dark places.
    Enhancing Items

Split the magic item to:

  • fire damage
  • cold damage
    In both cases, your weapon is still “enchanted” and can hurt mobs that require magic weapon - much like the old enchant spell. However the fire enchant would be rather useless vs Fire giants?

If you plan Frost Giant hunt, it would be natural to prepare for it: weapon with cold enchant perhaps, and full gear with frost resists.

Each item will have X slots for enchant, based on item level for example.

Clearly some serious balancing would be requried so you don’t end up with 100% immune to frost.

Well i think the armor enchant aspect may be kinda covered already by castable spells. Im pretty sure we had resist spells for the elements and resist magic in general. I do like the imbueing weapons with elements to be mote effective tho. May be best if they are just temporary and the enchanter can reapply them. It would kinda suck to have a really expensive fire enchant put on your best weapon and then get stuck on a quest against fire giants and lava lords.

But the weapon enchant thing before was kinda annoying as far as needing magic weapons to hit like half the mobs in the game. I would prob prefer the ratio of magic only mobs a bit lower and the elemental imbues being more what u needed. That would be cool.

I def like the glowing attribute enchant. Maybe could be for helmets. You can always make other useful enchants besides resists, bonus armor or accuracy or dodge chance etc as well. If you wanna go the route of the elemental resists it might be a lil broken with stacking that and the spells, and the spells are goin to be more available since they are class spells and can also be in devices.

Maybe could even do class specific enchants. Maybe u can enchant a barbarian boots to increase his chance to Thunk on a bash or something cool like that.

Throw the whole gathering/crafting/enchancing system in. :slight_smile:

Gathering - herbs, wood, stone, metal ore, coal, etc etc etc
crafting - weaponsmith, armor smith, black smith, tanner, etc etc etc
enhancing - enchanting, reinforcing, sharpening

Could also be tied to building/community construction/quests…

Gather X stone, iron, wood, etc etc and we will get about building that new watch tower we need.

I like the idea of gathering in terms of I think it would be cooler if mobs dropped materials rather than armor and weapons straight up. Maybe some of the mobs drop armor and weapons straight up, for instance a swashbuckling pirate might drop a cutlass and an eyepatch or something but perhaps something like a yeti drops a furball that you can craft with leatherworking.

It might be nice if weapons and armor were more of a permanent thing once you got them if they are kind of hard to craft. maybe you need 50 furballs to make yetifur armor but once you do its like a 30 armor breastplate with 1000 hits on or something. I guess it depends how you want things to be but you could make it so that once you had a nice piece of armor/weapon you could just repair it rather than having to get a new one because the repair costs were atrocious.

It could be cool to just be able to keep sets of armor and weapons once you had them collected. I think the repair function before was VERY antifun, and like I said in a post before I think most of the antifun mechanics we should do away with, except maybe the exp loss off death we should probably keep, but just do away with double deaths imo.

In old nexus your repairs could do all kinds of antifun stuff, like only repair to half value, so if it had 500 durabillity you repair it and pay a full repair cost but it fucks up and you get like 250 durability, AND it might also repair to (28) instead of (30). I think that shit, while being kinda realistic, was really frustrating. It made it so that generally if you wanted new armor you farmed it rather than repair it, you really only repaired something that was really awesome and just prayed it didn’t get shit on.

Melding costs were also pretty atrocious but I don’t mind expensive meld costs if you know the armor is not going to get screwed up on a repair. Mainly people just melded devices because it was so expensive to meld armor and weapons, but it would be really nice to be able to meld up a beastly weapon and then rename it to something flavorful for your character.

I’m with you on that actually, because tanks are constantly cycling armor and taking it from their sell/split picks for a reduced gold split… Which brings me to that double edged sword… Taking a reduced gold split just to maintain your armor to tank stuff, plus the reduced gold drop and sell values really was saddening. I’d be 20 mil exp into a level and still 5-6 mil short on gold… There was no middle ground. Unless you sold all your really rare items to thieves who would just make a killing at a very easy pace and not have to repair armor heh. Just a tank’s gripes lol

Gathering - how do you see this being implemented?

I somehow think it will be easily abused if “Ore, Tree,Hrerb” ect nodes are created (respawn) and you need to mine/cut/harvest them for those resources. Which then to be turned into weapons, armor and/or other items (imagine Priest enchanter to be able to create Detraumatize devices combining his magic, gems and some other random stuff).

It could work, but will require proper thinking, strategy and node placement alongside with respawn timers, mob spawn points to make it a bit hard ect.

Side note: one thing that worries me about those things, while sounding preaty damn awsome on paper it should be considered the player base we’ll get. With low player base, it might require a mix of spawn nodes + mob drops to balance things up. Perhaps rich nodes will have hard mobs spawn in their room and harvesting a node requires time… like 30 seconds actively “mining” to collect the ore, while during that time you can’t do anything unless you abort the mining process?

I know that anything can be done code wise, I’m just not sure how easy it is.

One of the ways I have seen gathering implemented is that resource location is semi-random. Tied into rooms design by builders.

ie Mountains generally contain ores, forests have wood, etc etc. Certain things generally appear in certain terrain types, including none as an option ie a house or town or road area.

However you had to “prospect” a room to determine if and what type of ore it had, then mine it until it ran out.

These resource nodes could be reset at a fixed point in time, or a x after depletion or some other system.

Crafting items could always be obtained from hunting as well. Go 50 weretiger paws? Great, here’s some raw ore.

This sounds more like some ingame quests that can be pre-set and would not require GM involvement. Some could be daily/weekly (yes yes I’m stealing ideas from other games)… or certain NPC could have pool of quests that are randomly rotated: today he wants 50 weretiger paws, tomorrow 50 fish meat - I think we had something like that back in the day, certain weeks to hunt certain mobs?

Other could have some pre-requisites in order to be unlocked for you, either to speak with certain NPC’s to obtain information that points you to another NPC and so on or simply combination of level + profesion.

As you mentioned in another post it would be nice if people can interact more with the world without GM presence.

It might be nice to make armor harder to get and maybe require materials to be crafted from a player with a profession or an NPC like you guys are suggesting, especially if the chance to fail repairs is done away with and you can reliably keep a set of armor and continue to upgrade, rather than having to disgard your armor after it breaks because its not worth repairing.

In a setting like that you should be looking forward to once you complete a piece of armor, its yours. Perhaps you could invest some time into crafting multiple pairs and then melding them together to increase the durability so you can use the armor longer without needs to repair.

In fact I think I am going to start another thread going into more detail about armor.

I compeltely agree that making armor should be hard which could be balanced different ways from skill requirements, different materials (numbers ect), rare materials for special armor and so on.

However I wouldn’t make armor undestructible asside from perhaps some special God’s blessed pieces from special events/quest lines ect. Armor should still have durability and potentaily break or losing it’s armor potency as it’s being used. Otherwise it would render profesious rather useless beyond the crafting the first set of armor. Especialy in small population world where only few set’s of armor would be required.

What I would suggest is to keep durability, but increase number of hits it hand handle. Then I would allow repair by either skilled player in the respective professionor NPC (learworking for leather armor, blacksmit for mail/plates ect).
The key diferntiator I would add is that repair should require materials. Let say you need 50 weretiger hides to create weretiger leader chest piece. To repair the craftsman will require 2.5*X - where X comes from a scale of usage let say:
from 1-10 deneding of how much durability has been used - 1 being 10%, 100 means completely broken - numebrs are rounded to the bigger amount.

Same/similar scale should apply for all other materials that were originaly used to create the armor. Some tweeking would be required when creating the recipies - like if the original armor requries 1 magical crystal, same should only be required during repair if armor is used beyond 50% or 75% and so on.

Also, to spice things up a little I woulds till leave the old mechanic of the repair process where the repair fcks up. However instead of screwing your armor completely should just burn the materials used and you need to get new set of materials.

Should professions are adobted as a concept I’m more than willing to dive into more details and balance things up from armor levels, crafting requirements, recepies, how to find recepies, quests even.