Aalynor's Nexus

prequal, sequal, paraquel or inquel?

Just wondering what timeline point we were aiming for?

Presonally I would like to see a sequal environment, possibly in a new location with Nexus in ruins or something.

I think trying anything too soon to the previous timeline would detract from this new “age” of Nexus.

Just a thought to propose.

We’re moving to a different code base, which by default means we won’t be able to carry forward the characters. Going either further forward or backwards seems like the natural step to that. I want to agrue against that, it’s been tried to little success by not only Nexus in the past, but other games. Rather than go forward or backwards, I think it might make a lot of sense to go sideways.

Anyone who’s ever read a comic is familiar with the term RetCon.

Retroactive Continuity.

As in adjustment of continuity back to a familiar place and then taken in a new direction.

Depending on when you played, you knew a different group of players in Nexus, had different impressions of what was important and what wasn’t. But there are some aspects that we all shared and understood. Nexus was the last bastion against the horde.

You could explain it away with story if you wanted, but frankly I wouldn’t bother.

We start the game back up at the beginning. People can remake their characters exactly as they were if they want, or they can go in an all new direction. This also gives the ability to add new history without trying to wedge and fix it into a long standing complicated mess. We can expand and change things in interesting directions that still feel familiar to old players without alienating new players.

It also solves one of the biggest problems, the fact that we don’t have the exact map. This way we don’t need it. Things can be slightly different, as long as we hold true to the basic ideals. Rymek is still south of Nexus and is a fishing village, but perhaps we build it differently. Rosehelm is still off to the east and is home to the Knights of the Rose. But this allows us to change scale, and to not worry about having the exact same rooms.

The game opens in a way similar to the way Nexus originally opened, Nexus is the last free standing city. It is besieged on all sides by the horde. The heroes need to slowly beat back the forces in order to slowly make more and more areas safe. It gives us a logical way to open the game small, and open areas on a regular basis but in a controlled way.

I like the idea of Nexus falling into ruins, be it a civil war after the game itself went down. Decades later the gods have disappeared and a new religion has been formed, perhaps the Cultists have expanded to something even more. Storyline wise, the last of the races (perhaps Falcion has become the last citadel of the races) are forced to go back into the world as the gods are returning, and have new Chosen (NPC’s) to reclaim Nexus.

Just like we’re rebuilding the game, I thought it be cool to rebuild Nexus in a new image but with tribute to the old. Combining the new and the old. I also think we should keep the goblins dead, but because of half breeds that a new race has formed be it hobgoblins or something we come up with.

Just spit balling here.

I like the RetCon idea. Further, I like the idea of leaving the story out of it and possibly developing it later. Perhaps the player base discovers what has happened to bring them back to this point in time. I would like to see a new enemy set though. I am completely supportive of Nexus being the last city standing and needing to beat back this new enemy. By “trapping” the player base within the city walls, it gives time for the rebuild of areas and building of new areas. We can also “open” up areas as we go along.

So…it sounds like we have two people that want to move forward and Nexus be in ruins and two people that want to do a RetCon and start over.

So…what does everyone else want?? :smiley:

So no one interested in discussing where we take the story as a collective?

Jyn and I talked a bit about it, but I was going to kind of it let go the way you would as a collective wanted it since I was going to be focused as the engineer.

But I have some ideas if you all aren’t really all in?

Sorry for the delay in responding. Have a good reason. Had a baby last week. See? Good Reason.

Nexus has always had a small list of traditional enemies, I think it makes sense to expand upon those and rotate them in a ‘season’ basis much as a TV show does.



Order of the Holy Light



Void Cultists

I think between these six there is a well established level of threats. But rather than have the players face the largest threat of the goblins first, I think they should deal with some enemies closer to home. Have the goblins be the reason the players can’t leave the city, but start introducing the threats of the Order and the Void Cultists.

One of the things I’d like to see done in a Retcon is make the gods less directly involved and more of a grey area. Even the enemies of Nexus should have more shades of grey. Maybe channel the players into some roleplaying avenues where they have to decide about allying with Alchemists, The Order or even the Necromancers. In a true dystopian future people have to make hard choices in order to survive.

The Barrier has just been raised, shielding Nexus from the onslaught of the Horde. However, a strange side effect has been noticed. Some of those heroes bound to the barrier are having flashes of false memories. Apprentices remember being arch-wizards and recall events that have never occurred. What caused this strange side effect is unknown at this time, but it seems to be fading away with time.

Chapter 1 - The Light and the Dark

In our new world of Nexus, the Gods do not interact directly with players. The closest we should come is indirect signs and symbols with the emissaries. This actually gives emissaries more to do, as they’ll be considered the authority on the religions. One of the way we can control this message, is emissaries are chosen without explaination. Current emissaries who stray too far will begin to feel signs and warnings. The other side of this coin that I think would be interesting is the idea of cults that somehow seem to have some acceptance with the gods. Specifically in the beginning two of them.

The Obsidian Skull (Tilnar) and the Order of the Holy Light (Aalynor).

Both of these groups consider themselves loyal and worship in very fringe ways. The Obsidian Skull sees Tilnar’s portfolio of death and his resurrections of Dilanis and Arskol as the precursors of Necromancy. They want to raise the dead to fight for the city of Nexus. They aren’t trying to be an enemy, but I think that the players will naturally start to push them into that direction. They see the fact that they can raise the dead as proof that Tilnar wants them to raise the dead. Meanwhile, the Order of the Holy Light is an extreme militant wing of Aalynors church. The Order’s members are extremely strong and durable, far more so than any mortal has a right to be. The secret of this is a ritual sacrifice where they transfer multiple souls into a single body. They see this as a form of redemption for wayward souls, rounding up vagrants and criminals to be “joined” into the Order.

Both of these factions will want the support of the council. This is one other place I think we should make some changes. The council should be critical roleplaying aspect of the game. In addition to the adventures guilds, the emmisaries should have full seats along with a seat for the head of the city guard, the army and eventually a seat for each of the allied cities as places like Rymek and Rosehelm.

Congrats on the new sleep stealer! :slight_smile:

I like the idea of the two cults and I like limiting the gods. But how do we get to that point? A gods war idea was tossed around with the daer’lin choosing sides, many if not all are destroyed or appear to be destroyed.

Or…do we not explain anything at first and let the story be discovered at a later time?

Rough draft idea? Behind the scenes:

Players cast the genocide spell, which has the unintended consequence of empowering Kyorl to nearly unmatched power. Eventually a struggle between the gods happen and Tilnar is wounded by Kyorl, faced with the death of his brother Aalynor decides to take drastic action and shunts the gods into a pocket reality. His last act on our plane of existence is to try to repair the damages caused by the gods and their infighting. To to this he reaches out and manipulates the most powerful mortal magic, the barrier spell. He uses the barrier spell to rewind time to the beginning of the barrier, but reality warped with this action. Not all things are the same, and the future won’t be the same.

To the players I think we put it simply. Something has changed time and warped reality. Things are similar, but not identical. We lay out a rough structure of what is Canon in this new world. We leave hints and clues that it involved the gods and the barrier, but I don’t think actually explaining the details matters too much.

Alternatively, we could base the reset off the Godswar never happening.

This would bring back Rudestyle, Maana, Plekto, Arskol, Twilia, Malakai, Vrackon, Novind, and Enchantress. It would cost us Trista, Paelina and Kyorl. It would also give us a radically different church of Tilnar.

It would also give us a long buffer and a larger ‘event’ to explain away the changes with. The downside is it might make things too drastically different.

I like the genocide spell idea. Would love for it to be directed toward the goblins. Would love for them not to come back :smiley: Personal opinions all around.

I feel like the GMs abilities to involve the gods were limited, at best. There were so few GMs toward the end and so many of them were just trying to keep the player base happy with this house build or this enchanted bag that very rarely could they play the gods, let alone play them well. I think it was mentioned in an earlier thread that the gods should be more subtle, which I am on board with. That being said, what if we don’t blatantly spell out which gods exist and which don’t. Tilnar - yes. Aalynor - yes. New cults to go along with them. But the rest? Maybe small NPC interactions that make the characters question “Was that Vrackon?”