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Nexus resources... can you google them?

Any resources you might have which contain information about the old game.

web.archive.org/web/*/http://aal … paces.com/ except its only gone two layers deep and misses all the stuff we want :frowning:

However! web.archive.org/web/200402011700 … nexus.org/

hightechchat.reocities.com/Area5 … ands/5037/

Thanks to ickarius links I was able to find the old spells and their “chants”. The chant part was one of my favorite about the mage mechanics. So figured as the game is being rebuild from scratch it might be usefull to have them listed/backed up here - attached.
Magic.7z (43.9 KB)

… really? You liked the chanting part?

I’ll automate the wording coming out when you cast a spell. But I think myself and everyone can be pretty blatant that we macroed the ever loving F out of those. There’s no point in introducing a mechanic of c;chant when everyone’s just going to automate it.

c spell target
Solmur utters, “Chant” can get echoed to the room.

Oddly enough, for me the chanting was a fun novelty thing. Even with aliases and macros. And when that one situation randomly popped up where you’re yelling ‘oh shit’ cause your aliases weren’t saved or are profile dependant and you hard type out the vigor chant as quick as humanly possible lol…

surprizingly enough yes, I loved them and I realy feel we should not drop it.

I always used hotkeys to spam the entire chant instead of typing it, but never used full trigger/alliace setup and did as follow::
cast mobname - hit enter
press F5 to spell the chant - hit enter

Unless there is some strict reason why not to recreate it as it was, I don’t see a solid reason to remove it.
The paste at which the combat worked, allowed plenty of time for those things. And if you haven’t prepared properly for battle and suddenly need extra spell to weave, you dig thorugh the book “shit shit shit oh yes that shit” cast new spell :slight_smile:

Fair enough, those who want could type on hand, semi automate or fully automated. We have the technology. And it’s purely players choice to dece how to work it out.

One of your arguments in another chat is where I’m going to focus this.

I’m going to provide the base coding to get everything running again. If we get enough people coming back, I’ll start adding novelties.

Arcadia - I’m looking for the like button. While I thought the chants were “neat”, I hated having to either automate or try to remember how each chant went. I’d prefer “c heal eoin”, and I agree there are a lot of other things we can get running before adding something like that.

meh, lazy people :stuck_out_tongue: