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So, I think I mentioned before how Grandmaster was a TON of work for an almost negligible damage increase. It allowed you to get quintuple hits, which were just slightly better than a quad, and it upped your % of getting higher multis slightly be adding a quint to the mix. It also took almost as much skill exp to get from Master to Grandmaster as it did to get from unskilled to Master…granted you were hitting harder so it went a bit faster but still.

As I outlined in a previous post, the bonuses went something like double was 50% bonus to base damage, triple 75%, quad 100% and quint was like 110% (relatively). So if your base was 100 and you hit for a triple, you hit for 175. In the original nexus multi system.

Now if we are going to separate the hits like I suggested so that they have individual chances to proc, it would be the changed to double doing 50%, triple and quad both doing 25%, that way you hit for the same numbers overall but have a chance to hit for doubles and crits more often.

So a Master level quad with base 100 would look:

You attack for 100!
Your second hit does 50!
Your third hit does 25!
Your fourth hit does 25!

If we simply added the quint ratio from the old system…we would get a 5th attack for like 10…

I think instead of adding another attack, hitting grandmaster should just boost the ratio of the other 4 attacks, so that maybe they would hit for maybe 75%, 50%, 35% or some such.

So your Grandmaster attack would look more like:

You attack for 100!
Your second hit does 75!
Your third hit does 50!
Your fourth hit does 35!

I think that would actually make Grandmaster worth working towards if you actually got a decent power spike from achieving it, rather than being a negligible showpiece.

You forgot to add 0’s to all those numbers…

1st: 1,000
2nd: 750
3rd: 500
4th: 350