Aalynor's Nexus

God guidelines

So for the purposes of the gods there are only two left. After the weakening of the weave of life, Kyorl basically went on a killing spree and started absorbing other Daerlin and becoming excessively powerful. Finally after the onslaught Tilnar hunts down, finds, and absorbs Kyorl, but is unable to destroy his corruption. This causes a deep set crack of insanity in Tilnar, at which point Aalynor must spend time focusing on keeping Tilnar from destroying everything.

So this can sort of be felt by the people so two religions/cults are formed, the Order of the Harrowed Light, and the Union of the Twisted Balance, which both of these can be followed by ANYONE with out divine intervention since intervention is literally impossible (IN OUR CURRENT STATE, if we get enough players and want to move things along, we can get intervention back and we should conduct it as a group).

Though this seems restrictive I propose another option, which is that there is a single church in Nexus now. And they’ve collected documents from all of the Daerlin, if a paladin or priest wishes to quest to gain a seal/mark of one of these Daerlin, they can do so. For paladins this will of course provide different effects, again this is done without divine intervention, however will require the retrieval of a fragment or something that represents that gods portfolio well. Effectively this is such a quest that the given character believes so thoroughly in this Daerlin they are manifesting their portfolio themselves. For RP purposes this can essentially never be undone, as it’s that significant of an undertaking in someones belief that they are somewhat augmenting the gods and faith to them.

To this extent when crafting these quests, it’s okay for the PC to perhaps see visions but a group would not and should not at any given point, because at this juncture the gods simply aren’t there to manifest in any sort of given way.

Following either of the 2 orders will be simple quests and they are broad enough that at any point someone can refine their beliefs later and follow a quest of any given gods portfolio.

We can discuss and work out the benefits given by these seals at a later time.

2 religions only is it Good vs Evil? It needs to be way more complex. Religion was a key element to 99% of the characters in the realms. Every char has a piety stat which is how crucial this aspect was to the development of the history and interaction with the Gods. The Gods would appear at many diverse occasions to the players or send signs or dreams…lets not say it was common but not really rare to see their manifestations in the world.

I do like the idea of playing post nexus cataclysm event but it would have to run a deep impact of the renewal many areas, mobs, cities and etc. I love the idea of a now expanded a eventually fortified Rymek.

Is Nexus still alive or maybe a city of undead that needs to be cleansed? How did events post Aalynor Tilnar battle really unfold and which day, month or year would we be playing after that crucial event?

Okay so from what I get we do have the silent religious setting. With the absence of religions, philosophy science arts and magic could thrive. Clerical spells do not exist at the moment just like in the beginning of dragonlance saga…only devices from old times and eventually an arcane minor device similar to detraumatize? (Tissue repair, control wounds, arcana mending…)
People will direct efforts into other things as the Gods do not mettle into peoples lives anymore. They might even be accounted by the general populace for the disasters that befell the lands. Monks and Mages orders could have taken the lead into creating a progressist, organized and balanced society.