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Follower Bonuses

Not sure exactly how things with the gods are going to be now with the new storyline, but if they are the same as when the game left off then here are some thoughts. Even if not I am sure there will be a few of them left, and maybe some new gods in the mix.

So, of course priests and paladins generally follow a god, but one thing that was cool was that anyone could follow a God if those chose to and their piety was high enough. I was thinking that with each god there should be some noncombat perk to following, as well as possibly minor combat perks for priest and paladin. That way there was a little incentive for a offclass to follow a god besides just straight up RP reasons.

Perhaps following Kyorl would make you haggle more effectively, so you could sell your spoils from a hunt for more, BUT some merchants would refuse to deal with you.

Maybe following Trista would allow you to not lose any accuracy while drunk. Drunkenmaster fighting style monks -.- I guess thats sort of a combat one, but it would only be for RP purposes it wouldn’t give anyone an unfair advantage.

If professions go in, some of them could have to do with professions. Maybe Erisar would give a bonus of some kind to forging weapons or something.

As far as I can tell, the still active gods are:

Aalynor, Tilnar, Kyorl, Dilanis, Trista, Pandora, Erisar, Paelina

I think if you follow any of these gods with paladin or priest you should just get a static follower bonus. For paladins perhaps an on hit holy damage added to their attack, and for priests it could boost the effectiveness of their heals, that way they are kind of the offensive and defensive inverses of each other.

But there might be paladin or priest specific only follower bonuses, such as if you follow Erisar with a paladin, maybe it increases the amount of holy damage added to your attacks more than the regular paladin follow bonus. If you follow Paelina, it might increase the amount of block value of your shield and give you a small amount of static armor.

Maybe a priest following Paelina would find that their resists they cast were more effective and lasted longer, as well as their blessings.

Following Pandora might increase the amount of mana per tick on your regen for a priest, or a paladin.

Theres probably a ton of cool stuff you could do with that.