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Custom Sacks

Custom sacks were awesome and the holding weightless was almost essential when you got up past tier 10

Hax. let the 50 lb breastplate weigh 50 lbs! Max strength!

I think ye ole magic weightless sack should be pretty “end game” and an achievement to get.

For weight in general I think worn equipment should weigh less then carrying it. Carry limits arnt just about weight but also easy of carrying and effects on your manouverability.

From a GM perspective I would want this to be something that could be purchased from a NPC. Instead of having it built by a GM itself. Although not time consuming I thought it would make the game stay within character itself.

I always thought that the reason those are made by GMs is to ensure some form of sence in the bag name/description/echo things. And while NPC makes alot of sence, i’m not quite sure proper protective mechanics could be in place.

note: they werent’ realy “End game” rather than, can you afford to buy them.

Maybe nontank characters didn’t run into this as much but as a tank you generally need to carry tons of different devices on you at all times once you got past a certain level (heal, renewal, detraum, magic resist, poison-resist, etc, etc) as well as usually a few spare weapons and spare armor to replace whatever breaks during the hunt. At lower levels you didn’t get as much variety in the mobs, maybe they poisoned and that was it, but alot of the higher level mobs you needed like 5 different resists to hunt effectively. And you still wanted to have room to carry a few items back because you might be with a mage and cleric that didn’t have much strength so you were the packmule.

Thats all I really ment by the endgame comments :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would probably be fine to just make it an NPC that makes them, the GMs can always police the names and change or punish anyone that abuses it too much. Someone who makes a Hefty Ziploc bag may just need to change the name, where if someone makes a Gaping Butthole to store stuff in, he might need to go feed the dragon.

This coming from someone who got my 23rd character Great Blued for making Champions Flip Flops in the rename store, I felt like maybe just asking me to change them to Champions Sandals and a warning or minor exp penalty would have sufficed. I had been thinking along the lines of making like samurai-esque thong sandals and just used an admittedly ooc word without really thinking about it. But the fact I had it for months and then just got pulled aside one day to get delvled, lost all my gear on me that wouldn’t fit in my sacks, and made me lose Grandmaster, was something I have always been very bitter about.

Another solution that might kinda meet halfway is if you could buy a custom sack and it had a base generic name to start with, and then you could get a GM to rename it. Or better still maybe you can buy and name the sack and set the description and it goes ahead and lets you do it, but it sends a letter to whatever GM is in charge of the sacks at the same time so it can be reviewed in a decent fashion and you don’t have some dude with a Stretchy Nutsack running around for a month or two before he gets caught.

I like that, sounds like a quite solid solution to prevent “Stretchy Nutsack” to walking around for months, yet people won’t need to wate weeks for GM session to have the item created.
Cheers to that!

The bags you guys named… I gotta say, they definitely helped the productive nature of this thread. Kudos to Garender for ‘gaping butthole’ and ‘stretchy nutsack’. Well played.

I may willingly take a trip to the great blue after I make “Garender’s Gaping Butthole”

GMs already have a built in ability to tail off logs right now. I think making it so you can rename things for a certain amount of gold works just as well as it did previously. We can always tail the log find the gaping buttholes and administer punishment as necessary.

Really I prefer this because I dont’ see over 100 people playing anytime soon. And it’s easy to make a quick scan for game changing things.

This goes along with eventually I want the player base to be able to affect the environments themselves. Which means they could rewrite the room description, submit it along with the log of what happened to RP that, and a GM could approve it.

Make sense?

You have to trust people to some degree or you end up with something that’s not particularly fun. The whole point of this is to relive some of our memories. And I don’t want us spending gratuitous amounts of time making sacks, and building houses and crap when players can do it themselves and submit a world change for approval. There can be a blacklist of various things, and we can go there. I think we can all agree that GM’s times are better spent developing quests and story stuff, and areas to hunt in, then making sure players aren’t stupid.

“We can always tail the log find the gaping buttholes and administer punishment as necessary.”

That’s honestly the most questionably hilarious quote possible.