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Contributing to the Code Base

As the whole world descends into chaos, I’ve decided that this isn’t the time for cynicism.

I’ve made the source code public.

If you are learning go, or how to code during this time where everything is kind of uncertain and crazy, please feel free to contribute. Follow the github instructions and you’ll be up and running. I’ll happily review all pull requests and add them. Some of the data in the repo is just that, data. Base values, you’re more than welcome to join and make edits. Feel free to edit my code to make it leaner/easier to read. This is a hobby and it’s to restore our world. All are welcome.

Github Basics:

Pull Requests from Forks:

What I won’t be providing:
Copies of the database
Database Access
Server Access

I can provide mock data if you need help understanding how the system runs.
If there are requests for specific documentation I will happily provide it in the readme.

The base code is a fork of WolfMUD from a couple of years back. I changed a few things to make the flow easier to read. Instead of generalized objects for /every/ object. Objects are split up into different types. Mobs/Items/PC’s which have relevant inventories for each inside of other objects, like rooms. There’s a lot of philosophy on why this was more wrong or more right. But it should help to some degree understanding concurrency.

Stay safe!