Aalynor's Nexus

Community Effort

Since we haven’t been able to collect a ton of logs to restore the world, I’m going to open this up as a community effort.

(Note: If you do have logs and you aren’t comfortable sharing the, please let me know. I can provide a python tool to clear your logs and put them into JSON format so I can immediately restore them to the database. You can of course view the output to make sure none of your personal information, conversations, or interactions are kept.)

I’ll be posting up a map soon. Jyn has done a good bit of work creating the starter map of Rymek and some other areas and exits. They just have to be rehashed with different descriptions.

Log in capability with general building coming up in the next ~2 weeks. Community builder accounts sometime after that, probably late march.

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I don’t have old codes or anything, but I put over 15000 hours into Nexus throughout the time of my characters so I can give accounts of things.

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Awesome! That works too :slight_smile:

I have so many questions. I am one hell of a writer. Any role player on Nexus worth their salt became a good writer if they played as often as I did. I was wondering if my talents could be utilized in that regard as well? An ETA on when the game might be revived or where it will be put up? Will Sue or Chris be back around? Oh so many questions…but mostly…how best can I help?

I’ve only scooped on the facebook group. I don’t have any contact with Chris or Sue. They are more than welcome to get involved. I had some information from Aldryd, but no code. Plenty of starting data though. I have all of the Tilnar’s Vein rooms that folks worked on, as well as the database as it existed on tiller’s.

I’m starting fresh trying to resurrect the game with new code basically. I had 2 false starts, one with Java, that no one really enjoyed playing on. Then I started working on it with Python but I really hated how it was coming together. Things just weren’t working right. So I’m writing it in GoLang, with a Redis for temporary storage, and neo4j as permanent storage.

The game will be accessible via any of the 3 aalynorsnexus domains, or the IP. I don’t have a solid estimation of when it’ll come back up. Building functionality should be done in the next few weeks, but there won’t be any of the actual game play/leveling/combat yet. Mostly just want to get some building functions up so we can start restoring the world.

I understand. Such is a monumental endeavor as the game was massive despite it being just in text. Well as I said, I’m one hell of a writer. If there are things you would like help with from a storyline, plot, general character base, guild, deities, or anything along that line, then I can put in some serious work. I work in the video game industry so I have a behind the scenes perspective when it comes to how games work, marketing to a broadbased demographic, plot writing, and many other aspects.

World building will be great. You can view some of the other posts to see how I’m establishing “The return to nexus” but the map will largely be the same because… that’s what everyone has been asking for. So fortunately someone had made a giant excel sheet map that we were working from. With the minor change that Falcion is gone and Rymek is the training city now.

But yes anyone who would like to get in and start world building after I get that up in running will be more than welcome to do so. And then we can work as a team to manage an actual ‘launch’ of the game.

Basically I am looking to assist in doing whatever I can. I’m no coder, but I can write things around plotline and subplots and give many an idea towards the way deities, guildmasters, guilds in general and such should function. Also if Lore needs to be written for current or starting background. I’ve got the time and the expertise, and would be honored to participate.

I was telling some younger audiences about Aalynor’s Nexus and I thought why not do a google search and wow so you guys are getting it back up. Stomre and Bogardan were mine.

Putting the best effort forward anyways. And hopeful that getting some code up and running will get folks interested in both playing and restoring the game.

So what’s the status on things? I see a lot of threads are three years old, with only a few things this year and nothing since March. Is there discussion happening elsewhere?

While I can’t say I’m any good with coding, like Rika I can write. I’ve just never been able to get the Nexus out of my blood or the deep recesses of my consciousness!

The topics were all imported from a previous forum when I had a false start working with python to write the game which ultimately didn’t work out. Development goes in bursts depending on what my schedule is like and the requirements of my day job.

Are you building from the ground up or modifying a code base?

Ground up. Wasn’t an option. I took the networking components and text parser from WolfMUD though. Everything else I scrapped so we could use neo4j for the database.

The false start was with Python using Evennia. Was pretty slow, the database was hard to work with because everything was through an encoding filter for a universal database. So I scrapped that and went with GoLang and started with WolfMUD.

Goes a little further back than that too I guess, it’s been a few years since we started this adventure. I chose a couple of already built codebases that we could attempt to go with that I could also work on reasonably in my free time. We tried CoffeeMUD but it proved too different than the play style of Nexus. I would go grab an original copy of Mordor or something but I don’t really know C well enough to feel comfortable to go from that. And even to that point Nexus was a heavily heavily modified version of Mordor. I really feel the only way we can get more of that original feel is to build intentionally from the ground up, get folks in and play testing, and go from there. Even Tilnar before it went down I felt didn’t have the same play feel as Nexus. I think there was a missing cool down, combat just didn’t feel the same.

All right, good to know. Thanks! <3

The City of All Races will live again!

I wish I could help, but my coding abilities are abysmal. Most I could do is helping playtest.

Absolutely! I went into the project assuming that either folks didn’t have the time (because we’re old and a bunch of people had kids) or they didn’t have the skillset or the game would already have been restored.

I’ll need play testing soon, we’re rolling some new mechanics because I don’t want to replicate Thac0. I think there’s more interesting possibilities with straight damage ignore + armor % defense. I want to add a few things that are modern and stay as true as we can get. So we’ll need people to pop in at different levels and classes and see how things go. As things are looking right now I’m aiming at mid September to feel comfortable letting people log in and make some play test characters. I need to create the mechanics for it anyways.

Holy shit! Is this a thing that might actually happen? Might we all find ourselves in the City of All Races again?!

Didn’t you already know this was in progress?