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Combat system

Thought I would post something to get things started, and I think the combat system is prob the place the start. I think getting it as close to the old Nexus would be awesome. That said I thought I would make some notes about what I liked about that system.

  1. Being able to move within the rooms. It gave you the ability to kite or tank the mobs away from the healers.
  2. Time to react. This kind of goes along with 1, but the fairly slow paced combat gave time to consider your options.
  3. The stamina/health dynamic and vital strikes. As much as I hated dying to insane vital strikes, it made the game exciting, and it allowed for people decide if they wanted to risk fighting above their tier or stay safe and fight mobs they know they can survive a vital from. Created a risk versus reward scenario. Also the visual showing when you did take a vital strike was good for the healers so they could see they needed to spam some mend.
  4. The on-hit modifiers. A lot of other games if your crit, its just double damage, but the fact we had a double damage roll on hits as one modifier and THEN had a crit modifier that something like a 10x your normal damage allowed for some fun bail outs in some situations. And of course nothing beat a lethal on an Ancient Dragon :smiley:

I also enjoyed being able to quickly view the status of your target. I remember it was the command ‘v’ would show all the enemies in the room and how they looked IE Very Badly Injured, Near Death, etc.

Similarly, the “people” command to check the status of your allies as well.

So I’ll probably be leaning pretty hard on the community to work out the formulas. In fact I’m probably going to start posting sheets of what I’m planning on incorporating soon. I’m really really only familiar with the casters.

But definitely noted. During the play test I thought it was kind of crappy there was no room to move. And the status commands need to come back entirely. I’m working those in with the base player classes right now.

Please please please, for the love of God do not return mobs becomming temporary permanent and waiting for you in the room after you cleared (stories, quest mobs, events are completely different story). It realy fcked up normal hunting and as someone already menitoned it wa so much anti-fun. Surely there are better ways to balance farming spots, loot ect.

I think that was just a bug. Now there were some mobs like Black Scorpions that were just permanent when they spawned period, I think those should be left in the game because thats an exciting mechanic for hunting those (for those who dared to try to survive their huge follow vital) and you had to lure them into a safe room.

I think what you mean is when mobs just randomly did not clear like they were supposed to. You wait 30 seconds and walk back in and theres still 5 weretiger masters in the room that didn’t despawn. I think you prob want the mobs to stay in the room for a few seconds tho, in case you clear on accident you may still be able to get back in the room before they disappear, but if possible maybe this go around they can be set to despawn at a set interval, maybe 5 seconds, or 10 seconds. If your trying to bait a specific mob in the room you don’t have to want to wait too long to reset.

That’s exactly what I was refering to. The Black scorpions were fine as their entier machanig and fights were based around that, plus more such could be added if you can get proper tank that can survive the follow vital. Those things can be fun if they are designed properly.