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I need class champions for everyone but wizards.

I need help with formula/mechanic and skill balancing. Please let me know if you’d be happy to take one of these positions.

Well, I can champion fighters, if that wasn’t clear by my abundance of posts. To be fair I have a TON of downtime at work somedays, and most gaming websites are blocked from my work PCs so…yeah.

Send me a message on FB. Same thing for anyone else willing to champion.

I can do thieves or monks. I would prefer thief at this point because from prior experience, running the thieves guild took less than half the time and effort. It’s busy season for me, and I won’t slow down till after September

I’ll happily make you the thief champion. Just message me on FB, and we’ll talk about it. Not a lot is going to be required other than “Hey… test this … how’s it feel? Okay… now test this… how’s that feel?”


I’ll pick the Mages, unless Derwyn shows up :slight_smile:

I’m gonna be reasonably busy for the next 7-8 weeks with work and masters classes, but if you need me I’d be happy to help with monks. I’ll make time for it! :wink: