Aalynor's Nexus

Can't code? Want to Contribute?

The world still needs lots of help and lots of building!

Here are the ways you can help:

First step:
You’ll need to join the discord! I know this is tough for some, but you can’t help if you can’t sync with us easily. That’s just how the world works, and chasing chats on this forum isn’t going to work! If the links on the Facebook group, or in the forums don’t work, you can ping me directly and I will make sure you get an invite!

Now what?
We have a lead world developer, Muki! He’s currently leading the vision for the map building while I hammer on the code. If you want to be a builder and try to restore some of the areas of Nexus, you can sync with Muki and find out where you can and can’t work and get to it! There are plenty of places that need to be built!

What else?
We’ll need a couple of gamemasters to lead storyboarding and events if we get enough players. This is pretty far off, but if you want to help with that and contribute ideas, you absolutely can! And as a team we can decide what the first few months of the game launch will look like when we get there.

Okay but… also what else?
Jeeze, okay well we ar\e going to enter play testing soon. This will come in waves. And it’ll include chunks of code, bug fixes, and classes as we go. We’re going to start with fighters in the new Rymek training city. You’ll be able to fight and never die and possibly modify and play with your stats and give yourself weapons to try out various things. This is pretty important!

I have some old data/logs can that help?
It might! We’re missing the chants for some of the spells, and we’ll need tweaking on the combat formulas. Feel free to ask what we’re missing in discord and if you have anything we can put it into the game database.

Meh… anything else?
Sorry but that’s it! Be patient! The game will be ready to play eventually, I’ve been working on it for a long time, but the community I was hoping that would come together really hasn’t happened. I have a lot of data and a lot of stuff to work with from the other games, but we only have a partial representation in rooms and areas. I’ve made the code public based on some snide comments that I received in private messages and no one has had the availability to help. And this isn’t something you can throw money at, I still have my day job. I have no interest in charging subscription fees to the game if we can avoid it. The price of the base server is low enough that it’s not a problem if the player base is small enough. If the game gets popular enough that more than 50 of you want to play at a time, we’ll have to revisit a subscription model to upgrade the server memory and processor cores. But we don’t even have a game yet!