Aalynor's Nexus


So I’m putting the finishing touches on rooms and areas now, as well as the mobs (Their AI isn’t fully implemented, but you’ll be able to create them, and modify them later). I won’t have the web GUI ready, but you’ll be able to build in game. And ideally I’ll be able to restore the areas that I have in a DB from Tilnar’s vein and you guys can tromp through and decide if you want to keep them or not.

How would you all like to do this? Do you want to claim areas/cities and start building? We probably need some more folks to chip in. Initially we need the new version of Rymek built, which will be the new training city (N00bs land in port from wherever in Altin and start their training) We’ll need areas in Rymek to hunt and play, then start work outside the walls, and then Nexus itself, and mid tier leveling areas.

Jyn and I can work a map out together from how we see things being in the future of Altin of where we stand. I’ve also got a small write up that I will post that everyone can feel free to add/modify to kind of give an idea of where people have been.

I’m saying lets stay light on the public details for now, and we can make storyline information/rumors Tavern prompts.

Sounds good to me. I can do whatever you need me to do, but the new store is opening and I am busy guy for the next month. No days off really. Then we roll into the holidays so my time will be limited, but fruitful. :smiley:

Do we want to remake some of the old areas/mobs from Falcion for the new Rymek, to touch on some nostalgia or do we want to make all new areas with all new mobs?

ie Make a new wererat area, but if Rymek doesn’t have sewers maybe put them in a an old barn or a cave similiar to the werebear/weretiger area.

or make insane taxidermists, but now instead of being in a cabin, they are on a series of houseboats moored to a shady dock southeast/west of Rymek after they fled Falcion or what have you. Just kinda tie in some old mobs but maybe create a scenario of how they moved.

Also areas like Krakkens that were in the water shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you want to redo those, just kind of make a new route to get there from Rymek as opposed to falcion.

Yes I think it would be great to remake some of the old areas but feel free to “twist” them since time has passed.

Rymek probably became bigger but you’re right, it probably doesn’t have sewers. I liked all of the werecreature areas. Is that written into the code to spawn at night? pokes coder genius

I like the idea of houseboats! Very creative!

I know I have some ideas on how to incorporate mobs from the former haunted mansion into a new…place of some sort. (I’m not done yet, clearly).

I do very much want to have some water mobs so moving the Krakkens/Sirens/Puffer Fish to Rymek would be ideal. We might have to adjust them down a bit since these are going to be low level characters stumbling around. (do we have the ability to add room damage such as being underwater?)

Can there be pirates? I think there should be pirates…

But first! Do we have a layout for Rymek? We can then build out from there?

I will have time in the next couple of days to start drawing things out.

I have an old map of Rymek somewhere, but it was super tiny, and since things were all relative we can make it as large as we want, add a beach, house boats. Eventually I’d also like to have ships coming in and out from there, cities across the vein, and perhaps areas north of nexus like Corynth if we decide that the water goes all the way up that far.

I think having some familiarity would be great.

There was some pirates in Falcion before, I can’t remember the names of all of them, but if you went below decks you got to oarslaves, and if you went up into the crows nest you got albatross. It was on the way to Krakkens.

If we are going to have a lot of ship oriented stuff going on at the Rymek docks I think pirates are a given.

Pretty sure the Pirates were Kobolds and Orcs too.

Any updates on when we’re cracking this nut?

It’s still in progress. There were a lot of things that I wanted to do in the background to make this easier to build on. Hopefully I’ll get the GM’s in soon. Combat shortly after that. And puzzles and advanced features shortly after that. I’ll post again soon.

Great ideas folks!

Yes the pirates had Kobolds and orcs at the pirate ship, fun area!

I think we are really free at this point to create fun inspired things from the old game that we remember and totally new things. Creativity goes hand in hand with RPGs.

I will remember the endless hours of farming at corals for dt devices and healing shards.

Good memories. Also great idea to have Rymek as the new noob city.