Bash and Charge

So, one thing that helped distinguish barbarians from fighters besides for the iconic berserk, was bash.

Fighters could bash also, but barbarians had specialty bashes that fighters did not. Thump bashes did an extra long stun, Thunks were just crazy damage (I think Gotenut thunked something for like 10k) that was essentially a lethal and there was another one that did like double damage.

Barbarians had higher stamina but lower health than fighters, and were basically the secondary tank behind fighters but much higher damage. I think a couple changes to barbarians could help define their role as more of a dps offtank, and fit the flavor of barbarian more.

Namely give them Charge. It would be a very fun ability, especially with the room movement. It could allow you to leap directly from across the room to a mob to bash or circle it. Mobs is the original Nexus would charge vital on failed turns if I remember correctly so I dont see why it couldnt be a player ability. And it fits really well with the reckless style of a berserker.

As far as bash goes, you used to only be able to use it to engage a mob before it had aggro on you, but had no cooldown. While it would be fine to leave it like that, it might be better as a usuable ability anytime, with an appropriate cooldown. You could even make it so when you charged you bashed automatically or something.

I just think it would be cool to make fighter and barbarian a little more defined, making the barbarian more of a brawler and the fighter more of a refined weaponsmaster.

A memory recall regarding bash skills on Barbarians

Those crazy damage Thunks, the weapon simply shattered in pieces while doing the massive damage in the process.
There were also other Thunks/Thumps which hit for 2-3 times the normal damage. I’m not exactly sure it was marked as “Thunk” though, sorry don’t recall the exact name.
Overall if memory serves well, all type of Thunks/Thumps if not completely destroying the weapon were significantly draining the remaining durability.

I like the charge idea, actually quite a lot. It would help off tanks pick mobs that spawn randomly around the room or were simply missed to be picked initially and make a run for the casters/rangers.

Ya Thunks shattered the weapon completely. The others weren’t too bad they took off a few extra durability hits but not much. Thumps were a bonus stun, I think i once counted off like a 40 second stun off a thump. I can’t remember the name of the third bash type but it was a bonus damage bash.

One thing about bash was that I dont think it was affected by berserk, but I think it should be. Berserk should increase all your damage, except missile.

Bash should maybe just be barbarian only going forward as well. Its enough that fighters and barbarians both have circle. I think the more distinguishing between the classes, the better it will be. You can give fighters something else to replace it.