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AoE ability and spells

Spells and/or abilities that would affect your whole party or room, or zone in the room.

damaging, healing, transportation, see invis, sweep kick, cleave, bard songs, etc etc.

Some classes would be easier to figure out an AOE for than others.

Bard you could make a spell that hits everything in the room for AoE damage

Mage you could make a spell that does either damage to everything thats on a particular movement tile, or maybe a spell that does splash damage, like full damage to the main target, then partial damage to the other enemies sharing the tile.

Barbarian you could do cleave, and have him hit two targets for full damage (you might not wanting barbarian getting too much AoE with berserk, whirlwind on them might be too strong)

Fighter could whirlwind, hit everything on a tile at a reduced damage (maybe 60-75%) if they hit their multis on whirlwind (or just have them only single hit off whirlwind and hit at full damage) and help generate aggro.

Rangers could maybe have multishot, hit up to 3 targets for like 75% damage, regardless of what tiles they are on.

Monks you could do all kinds of stuff, hundred hand slap, or exploding palm or chuck norris roundhouse.

What do you do for rogues, paladins, and priests though? You could just not have thieves have an AoE ability but have backstab hit harder than snipe and just have them be the premier single target class. Maybe give priests and paladins an AoE heal instead of an AoE damage spell? Maybe paladins could get an Aura like consecrate that does damage to undead passively every few seconds while they are on the same tile.

Adding AoE abilities would mean we would probably have to make the mobs harder to compensate for being able to AoE them down as well, so it depends how much we want to deviate from the old nexus combat system. There will definately be more balancing issues with AoE abilities.

Not sure how well AOE would work since the object was to try to not hit any other mob so the tank didn’t have to circle/parry spam on five creatures.